Equipment List

Metal mold and metalworking

Machining center MAKINO MILLING MACHINE V33i etc. 5 machines
NC miller MAKINO MILLING MACHINE ANC 85 1 machines
Flat-surface grinding machine Okamoto Machine Tool PSG 64DX 1 machines

Molding and Evaluation

Injection molding machine Sumitomo Heavy Industries SE180DUZ 1 machines
Sumitomo Heavy Industries SE280HSZ 1 machines
Tumble mixer STOLZ BK-02 2 machines
Anneal furnace ESPEC LKS-3B 1 machines
Test Oven ETAC HT320 2 machines
Automatic taking out machine, Air conditioner, and Stacker, etc. Complete set

Measuring instrument

3-D optical measuring instrument MITUTOYO QV-X404P1L-C 1 set
QV404-PRO 1 set
Measuring microscope NIKON MM-40 1 set
Push-pull scale 2 set
Test band multiplication machine 1 machine
Surface ohmeter Monroe 262A 3 set
Fluorescent, X-ray analysis device SEIKO SEA100A 1 set
Additionally, measuring instrument Complete set

Design Tool

CAD AUTO CAD Mechanical 6 sets
3D-CAD Solidworks 6 sets