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Our quality policy is to design and manufacture products at reasonable prices, with quality that fully satisfies our customers and relevant official standards; deliver them on time; eliminate quality issues by continually improving their effectiveness; and improve customer satisfaction.

Created 1 November 2009
Shuichi Saito, President & CEO

SHINON CORPORATION Environmental Policy

― Environmental Philosophy ―

Shinon Corporation holds the global environment and the safety of society as our two most important challenges. We are committed to developing technologies for environmental conservation and the safety of society through the teamwork of all employees. Together, we are helping to build a safer society, while making effective use of the Earth’s limited resources.

― Environmental Policy ―

1. We are committed to preventing pollution of the global environment, and we continually make improvements for the conservation of the global environment.

2. We are committed to environmental conservation, and comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other official standards, as well as our customers’ required specifications.

3. We take the following actions for our corporate activities that impact the environment.
(1) We strive to make effective use of natural resources, including reducing waste, recycling, conserving energy, and other initiatives.
(2) We strive to enhance our management of substances that impact the environment, and replace them with substances having lower impact.
(3) We strive to develop products with an awareness of environmental impact.

4. We have built a regime for managing environmental measures in order to promote the conservation of the global environment, and we are committed to environmental conservation and improvement activities, with a focus on regular liaison conferences.

5. We provide environmental education and training to all employees, and strive to improve their awareness and capabilities for environmental conservation.

6. We publish our environmental policies to everyone inside and outside the company.

Shuichi Saito, Chairman & CEO