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We have a huge number of machining centers and milling machines. Here, we showcase some of our main equipment.
Our measuring instruments include the latest non-contact three-dimensional measuring machines, as well as fluorescence X-ray analyzers to measure substances banned under the WEEE & RoHS directives.
See Equipment here for a list of our equipment.

  • Injection molding

    Injection molding

    Sumitomo injection machines are mainly used.

  • CNC machines

    CNC machines

    Using ultra high speed CNC machines allows us to achieve high precisions & fast lead times.

  • Annealing oven

    Annealing oven

    Big size ovens accommodate more than 1,000 trays at a time.

  • 3D optical measurement machine

    3D optical measurement machine

    Mitsutoyo machines can measure critical areas accurately.

  • Optical microscopes

    Optical microscopes

    Mitsutoyo microscopes can measure detailed areas accurately.

  • Florescent X ray analyzer

    Florescent X ray analyzer

    We control banned substances with X ray analyzer.

  • Solid automatic warehouse for mold tools

    Solid automatic warehouse for mold tools

    More than a few hundred open tools are accomodated.